Spoločné plánovanie budúcnosti pri Slanej / Közös tervezés a Sajóvölgy jövőjéről


Project title: Spoločné plánovanie budúcnosti pri Slanej /
Közös tervezés a Sajóvölgy jövőjéről

Acronym: Budúcnosť Slanej / Sajóvölgy jövő

Registration number: HUSK/1101/1.5.1./0218

Aim of the Project

The global objective of the project is to improve the economic competitiveness and social and cultural cohesion of communities on both sides of the cross border region by strengthening of mutual cooperation, improving the strategic planning and management capacities for the period up to 2020. of these results directly into food production after the finishing of project, the increased "market" value of the so-obtained food products, as well as their improved competitiveness will, besides other, pose also the stimuli for the regional infrastructure and employment improvement.

The specific objectives of the project:

1. Quality assessment of strategic documents, support programmes and projects implemented with a focus on measurable indicators of performance,

2. Improving real integrated planning documents, including the use of the potential of the territory of cross border region

3. Preparation for the period after 2013 through common objectives and strengthening the capacity of the integrated processing of project management,

4. Strengthening the partnership with the involvement of the public in the promotion of integrated development of cross-border territories, the achievement of the global objectives of the project and the specific implementation of the specific objectives of the Programme of cross-border cooperation follows on directly in region.


1. Enhanced economic competitiveness on both sides of cross border region

2 Increased social and cultural cohesion of people and communities.

Achievement of the objectives of the project will be directly measurable through defined project indicators and expected results.